Debit Cards


Pin Based Check Debit Cards are the most popular Credit and Debit Card type method of payments. They differ from Credit Cards in that they are issued by a cardholders financial institution and provide direct access to the checking account of the cardholder. Unlike a Credit Card transaction, there is a great reduction in the chance that a Pin Based Debit Transaction will be charged back because funds are directly withdrawn from the cardholders checking account with verification from the cardholder utilizing their Pin Number.

Very little additional equipment is required to add Pin Based Debit Card processing to your merchant account. If you are currently processing Credit and Debit Cards, in most cases, you can add a Pin Pad to your terminal and save money by paying only a LOW Transaction Fee instead of a Discount Rate Plus A Transaction Fee in which banks or processors usually charge.

  • Saves money by using Global Pin Based Debit Card Program using a PIN-PAD on all Pin Based Debit Card Transactions.
  • Builds traffic and increase cash purchasing power as well as impulse sales.
  • Make Dollars ($) on optional Cash Back purchases (If Applicable).
  • Differentiate yourself from marketplace.
  • Guaranteed transaction; NO CHARGEBACKS

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Our Message Is Simple…

With Global Merchant Services Pin Based Debit Card Program you can accept Pin Based Debit Cards from All Regional, National and now International Pin Based Debit Card Networks with EMV Technology.


Banks are making hundreds of million dollars from Merchants who DO NOT understand that they are accepting Pin Based Check Debit Cards and are being overcharged by Banks And Processors who charge them a standard Visa/MasterCard Discount Rate Plus A Transaction Fee on each Pin Based Check Debit Card they process.


Consumers love Pin Based Check Debit Cards because they are convenient. Most retail establishments accept them because they DO require a Pin Pad. Consumers can pay with plastic without incurring the interest charges associated with Credit Cards.


A Pin Based Debit Card Transaction is the only guaranteed and secured form of payment for a merchant. Checks can bounce. Cash can be counterfeit and Credit Cards can be charged back.


A Pin Based Check Debit Card transaction is typically the least inexpensive form of payment a merchant can accept.


$75.00 Transaction – Your Credit Card Bank or Processor is charging you 1.69% plus .25 cent per transaction = Totaling $1.52 Per Transaction

With Global Merchant Services Pin Based Debit Card Program you will only be charged: One LOW Flat Transaction Fee…

If you have an interest in Accepting Pin Based Check Debit Card Transactions for a new or existing business, please feel free to contact us at:

Debit Cards


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