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Partner Relationship Manager

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Looking For An Opportunity? ARE YOU READY?

Open Position: Partner Relationship Manager
*The weakened economy and rising unemployment numbers are creating an incredible situation in this industry.*

Partner Relationship Manager Position is now available for exceptional sales management professionals with proven business to business relationship skills as an experienced visionary professional in sales and sales management poised to make an immediate impact with a growth-oriented company where teamwork, ability, and performance lead to success and advancement opportunities.

Develop and maintain important revenue generating client relationships by marketing our full line of merchant services products (Credit, Debit, EBT (Food Stamp Card), Gift Card Processing, EMV (Smart Chip Card), Check Guarantee, Merchant Cash Advance, Loan and Line Of Credit, Virtual Terminal/ E-commerce, Wireless Mobile Processing, Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Samsung Pay to prospective merchants nationwide.

Manage recruitment efforts by administering online job ads, interviewing, maintaining recruitment dashboard and pre-screening candidates. 

Ensure that all new hire paperwork is forwarded to HR Corporate and all New Hire Orientation is scheduled. 

Supporting and Assisting the assigned Executive Director Of Sales with Human Resources and employee relations functions, including but not limited to interviewing, hiring, and training employees; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems.

Responsible for acquiring new or existing merchant accounts via networking with clients. 

Negotiate pricing with potential customers while maintaining profitable margins. 

Process signed agreement(s), activate account(s) and train new clients on payment acceptance equipment.

Manage and provide leadership to the sales team focusing on individual sales productivity as well as meeting quotas, goals and objectives.

Accompany Sales Reps on field sales calls in pursuit of new business.

Develop sales campaigns and strategies to increase market penetration across all business lines.

Insure pricing integrity through managing compliance with company policies and procedures.

Recruit, hire, and train new sales personnel and provide additional training, as needed to existing personnel.

Perform on-time weekly, monthly and annual performance appraisals for all sales personnel and administer performance improvement plans for sales personnel with less than acceptable performance.

Oversee and update management with consistent and accurate forecasting. 

Ensure that up-to-date account information is properly entered into our Partner Portal Module Online Tool.

Requires significant; sales and relationship building skills, merchant services industry knowledge, follow up and reporting skills if applicable. 

Must be management driven and able to work in an atmosphere via phone or in person side by side with Sales Account Manager Personnel.

1 or more year(s) in sales and/or managerial experience with documented track record of success (If Applicable.) 

Strong networking and business development background (If Applicable.) 

Previous sales and managerial experience with small to Fortune 500 Businesses (If Applicable.)

College degree preferred but not necessary.

A Partner Relationship Manager can earn $ 7,500.00 Per Month Or More depending on the number of Partner Relationship Manager and/or Sales Account Managers recruited by receiving compensation on every approved merchant account sold in addition to Incentives and Monthly Sales Production Bonuses. 

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Global Merchant Services Sales Relationship Manager

Partner Relationship Manager