Sales And Distribution

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Global Merchant Services has built a solid reputation in the Credit Card Processing Industry. Through strategic alliances, we brought together an outstanding array of products and services including processing hardware, software, supplies and accessories. Utilizing several of the nation’s largest financial processing companies and several of the world largest banking institutions, we have set the benchmark in the electronic funds and data transfer industry.

Our strategy of combining all of these key elements with a highly successful management team to deliver goods and services at a level unparalleled in this marketplace is allowing us to move quickly towards a position in an industry that has yet to define a clear-cut leader. We have earned an enviable position with a reputation for dependable, fast and accurate service.

Through a nationwide ISO (Independent Sales Organization) program and an in-house corporate sales support force, we are quickly moving to dominate the untapped market of electronic funds and data transfer. Because of our key relationships with our vendors in the industry, Global Merchant Services is increasing its foothold on this emerging market. Through sales efforts, domestic and foreign, our distribution matrix is deploying our goods and services throughout North America And Canada.

Global Merchant Services recognizes the infinite sales opportunities that are available in todays market. To further capitalize on this growing industry Global Merchant Services has regionalized its sales territories for faster and more efficient deployment.