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Affiliate-Trade Association

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Open Position: Affiliate-Trade Association Partnership Program

Global Merchant Services is now seeking Affiliate/ Trade Associations looking to Earn Up To A $ 100.00 Referral Bonus Plus Monthly Residual Income on every approved merchant that processes Credit, Debit, Gift Card Processing, Electronic Check Acceptance, Wireless Processing, EMV, Apple Pay, Ecommerce, Virtual Terminal, EBT/ SNAP Card Transactions and Loyalty Cards. SIGN UP IS FREE!!!

Your relationship with Global Merchant Services is a valuable one and there is a tremendous amount of money to be made by selling our services as an Affiliate/ Trade Association. Because you will be representing the very best in the industry, we became the perfect addition to your sales portfolio. These benefits exemplify the “One Stop Shop” approach, which provides the means for you to write virtually any merchant type with complete confidence, knowing the professionals at Global have a home for your merchant(s). We have also developed competitive buy rates as to allow your merchants to enjoy the best rates possible.

It is extremely easy for your organization to earn additional revenue streams through our Affiliate/ Trade Association Partnership Program. With your business, our Affiliate/ Trade Association Partnership Program is an ideal source of additional revenue stream. By actively recommending our merchant account service to your clients, you are eligible to receive a Referral Bonus Plus Monthly Residual Income.


Once approved we will ACH/ Direct Deposit Funding directly into your banking account.

The Benefits Of Our Affiliate/ Trade Association Partnership Program:

NO Risk And NO Investment. There is NO Investment or Cost required to become an Affiliate And/ Or Trade Association. We provide everything you need at NO charge to you. SIGN UP IS FREE!!!!

 You can promote your Marketing Partnership as much or as little as you wish.

We will take care of the sales process from the moment your referral submits their Online Application to the time they are setup and running with their new merchant account service.

There is NO Limit to how many referrals you can send to us, and there is NO Limit to how much revenue you can earn.

Adding our Affiliate Referral Partnership Program can often add more value to your existing products and services that you are offering to your customers today.

We have Affiliates And Trade Associations that have already made us their endorsed merchant account provider. We value your business and in return you will be treated with respect and appreciation. The result is that business needs are met, jobs performed accurately, expeditiously and our main goal is client satisfaction yours and ours.

Global Merchant Services Affiliate Partnership Program