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Below Are 13 Reasons That Set PhoneSwipe Apart From Square:

#1 Rates:
The PhoneSwipe “Pay-As-You-Go” option is 2.69%. Square’s is 2.79%. Both include free device, no monthly or annual fees, and no contract.

However, with PhoneSwipe you are not stuck paying the high rates of the “Pay-As-You-Go” plan like you are with Square. There are “high volume” plans available with a traditional merchant services account that allow you to accept credit cards through PhoneSwipe with rates starting at 1.79%. Once you’re doing a volume where lower rates would be beneficial, you just transition over to a traditional merchant account and continue using the same device.

#2 No Held Funds
PhoneSwipe is backed by the second largest credit card processor in the U.S., and has an automated underwriting system that quickly reviews the merchant, the business type, and the transaction amounts that will be run. Therefore, as long as the merchant stays within the transaction amounts they signed up for, they won’t ever have any issues with funds being held. With Square, if you manually process $1000 per week, they will hold any money over $1000  and not deposit it into their customers bank account for 30 days.

#3 Service And Support
Square only provides service and support to its clients through Twitter and E-Mail! NO phone number (Square is unaccredited with the BBB). PhoneSwipe provides full 24/7 live customer support combined with a dedicated service representative to take care of your business.

#4 Dependable Device
The PhoneSwipe is hailed as the most dependable device on the market.  Square’s device has a reputation of being notoriously unreliable, causing merchants to have to manually-enter transactions which results in higher rates.

#5 Security
The PhoneSwipe card reader is fully encrypted for the protection of its owner and the consumer in such a way that it can only be decrypted by secure payment server.  This allows you to accept credit cards safely and securely.  Square on the other hand does not provide an encrypted device and it has been proven that anyone with moderate technical skills can easily convert the device into a card skimmer in less than 90 minutes!

#6 Integration
The PhoneSwipe app integrates with your QuickBooks account flawlessly to keep all accounting simple.

#7 Inventory
The PhoneSwipe allows for inventory control with its real time inventory capabilities.  This is a function that square only offers on the IPad app.

#8 E-Mail Capture
The PhoneSwipe mobile application allows its owner to compile a database of all its customer’s email addresses. This can be extremely useful in future marketing efforts

#9 Cash Payments
The PhoneSwipe mobile application allows for recorded cash payments with email receipts.

#10 Tips
The PhoneSwipe mobile application allows for either a flat percentage tip or enables the customer to enter a custom amount. This ensures that you are making as much as possible.

#11 Multiple Terminals
With the PhoneSwipe your business will have the option to utilize multiple terminals on one merchant account and to track those terminals independently.

#12 Store And Send Capability
Since the PhoneSwipe device and app are fully encrypted it has the capability to accept payment even when you are out of the service area and send for approval at a later time when you do have service.

#13 Discounts
With the PhoneSwipe mobile application you will be able to ring up an inventory item and add a percentage or dollar amount discount on the checkout screen.

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