Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Phone Swipe? Phone Swipe is a FREE Application and Card Reader accessory that transforms your smartphone into a mobile point-of-sale terminal, allowing you to accept credit card payments anywhere you go.

Who can use Phone Swipe? Phone Swipe is for small to mid-size businesses, especially merchants who find themselves on-the-go and in need of a wireless merchant account. Businesses ranging from quick-service restaurants (hot dog vendors, cafes, etc.) to retail (art dealers, jewelers, souvenir shops) to services (electricians, plumbers, landscaping) will appreciate the portability that Phone Swipe offers.

How does mobile processing benefit me and my business? Phone Swipe’s mobile processing program offers an individual or customer an alternative payment option by allowing them the ability to pay with a credit and/or debit card. This allows the seller or merchant to accept card payments from someone who is not carrying cash or checks on hand. In a recent report for VISA, results revealed:

  • Nearly 2 in every 3 consumer purchases in the United States is made with a payment card including credit, debit, and prepaid products.
  • Of every $100.00 spent by consumers, nearly $60.00 is in a form other than cash or check.
  • Consumers carry more than 1 billion VISA cards worldwide – more than 450 million of those cards are in the United States.


What advantages are there to mobile processing for the customer?  Mobile processing is extremely convenient for the customer in that it provides an additional option for payment when cash or checks are not available. In addition, the technology behind mobile processing affords proof of purchase for the customer in the form of email receipts.

What advantages are there to mobile processing for me, the merchant? Processing credit cards through your mobile device provides additional outlets for selling by increasing your market reach. In addition, the flexibility to accept multiple forms of payment allows for the possibility to sell products and services that are more costly than one typically keeps in cash. In terms of record keeping, mobile processing organizes inventory and processing data into easy to search reports.

How is mobile processing more convenient? It allows for a worry-free approach to accepting payment. No longer will you miss a sale if the customer doesn’t have the cash on them. Accepting credit and debit cards in addition to cash or check makes it easier for both you and customers to complete a transaction.

How does mobile processing increase my reach? Using a mobile device to process credit cards provides you the freedom to leave brick-and-mortar storefronts behind and physically go to the places your customers are.

How does mobile processing increase my sales? Customers aren’t as likely to have large amounts of cash on hand as they are to have credit cards with them. By accepting credit cards, you ensure that you are able to accept whatever form of payment your customer may have.


Where can I get the app? Download the Application for FREE at the App Store, Google Play (formerly Android Market), or App World.

Is a PASSWORD required? Yes, when you set up the account on your Application, we ask you to set a Password. The Password is required as an added security measure to prevent unauthorized usage of your Phone Swipe account.

How many digits can my PASSWORD be? Your Password must be a 5-digit number.

I forgot my PASSWORD. What do I do? You are given 3 tries to unlock the Application. After three unsuccessful attempts, you will be prompted with your Password Hint. If you are unable to enter the correct Password after three more attempts, you will be asked to answer your Security Question. If you are still unable to answer correctly, you will be asked specific account information to recover your PASSWORD.

What if I receive a phone call or text message during a transaction?  Press “Decline” or “Close” to complete your transaction. If you hit “Accept” or “Reply”, the Application will close and your transaction will end.

Can I provide discounts? Yes, you include discounts on sales by dollar amount or percentage. Turn discounts On or Off in the Options menu.

Can I accept tips? Yes, you can set up to allow for tips. Turn tips On or Off and let your customers choose by percent or dollar amount.

Can I add in sales tax? You can turn on a default sales tax or the Application can automatically calculate the tax rate based on your location.

How do I give a customer a receipt? You can email a receipt to your customers. Or, if you have Phone Swipe linked to an AirPrint-enabled printer or Star thermal printer, you can print out receipts for your customers.


What mobile devices will the Phone Swipe card reader work with?  Apple iPhone, iPads, and iPod touch are currently supported.  A select list of Android and BlackBerry devices are compatible with both the Application and Credit Card Reader. Please check the Compatible Devices Page for details. We will update this list as additional devices are confirmed and tested.

Where can I get the card reader accessory? Does it cost anything? After you have been approved for a merchant account, you will be sent a FREE Card Reader accessory.

What if something happens to my card reader accessory? There is a 12-month limited warranty on card reader accessories. Contact our Technical Support team. If you lost your card reader, an additional fee will apply for a replacement.

Do I have to use the card reader accessory to process a transaction with Phone Swipe? No. While we recommend you always swipe, you can manually key in a transaction if you are having problems swiping or if you do not have your card reader accessory with you.

How do I get another card reader? Additional card readers can be requested by contacting Customer Service.

If I have more than one card reader, can I use it using one merchant account?  Yes, you can use one merchant account with multiple card reader accessories.


What is a merchant account?  A checking account established by a merchant (you) with a merchant processor to receive payment for credit card transactions. A unique and secure merchant identification number is assigned to identify each merchant to the merchant processor for accounting and billing purposes.

Why do I need a merchant account? A merchant account keeps you in control of your money, whereas sharing an account can lead to both you and your money becoming vulnerable to potential fraud. Without a unique merchant account, you don’t know who is using the account and you could end up paying higher rates when processing transactions.

How do I get a merchant account? You can apply online directly through our website on our Online Application Page at

How long does it take before I receive payments? Your funds will be available within two business days.

What are the fees? When you process a transaction, you will pay a low transaction rate. Ask Sales Account Executive for details

What is a transaction rate? This is a service cost that is charged on a per transaction basis. Phone Swipe has rates dependent on how you process a transaction, i.e., Swiped or Keyed.

What is the difference between a swiped and a keyed transaction? Once your account is approved, we’ll send you a FREE Card Reader so you can start swiping transactions instead of manually keying in transactions. A swiped transaction is when you swipe a Credit and/or Debit Card through the card reader. A keyed transaction is when you hand type the credit card information into the app.

When you swipe a credit card, you receive lower rates than when you key the credit card information. Swiped transactions also provide added security against disputed sales. We encourage you to always swipe a credit card when processing a sale. Of course, you can still key in the credit card information if needed.

Is Phone Swipe safe to use? Yes! The safety and security of you and your customers are our highest priority. We work hard to ensure that Credit And Debit Card data doesn’t get stored on the phone, the Application, or the terminal. Also, we utilize end-to-end encryption that ensures each and every transaction is protected.

How does Phone Swipe reduce fraud?  Previous credit card processing methods often resulted in the imprinting and storing of credit card data. Businesses can reduce the possibility for fraudulent activity by processing transactions immediately using end-to-end encryption. With this method, Credit And Debit Card data is not stored and is not accessible after the sale.


What do I need to use Phone Swipe? You will need a compatible Apple, Android, or BlackBerry device, the Application, and a merchant account.

When can I start using Phone Swipe to accept credit cards? Pending approval of your merchant account, you will be able to start accepting Credit And Debit Cards with Phone Swipe.

Will Phone Swipe work on my phone? Currently, Phone Swipe is available for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and select Android and BlackBerry devices.

Do I need an Internet connection to use Phone Swipe? Yes, you need a wireless plan that includes Internet access.

What type of cards can be accepted? Credit Cards for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Can I process a transaction outside of the United States? No, currently, all Credit And Debit Card transactions must be within the United States.

When can I expect funds to be deposited? Phone Swipe deposits funds within 2 business days of processed sales. We will send you an email when the deposit to your bank account has been initiated. Amount(s) funded will be less processing fees.


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