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Global Merchant Services Moves Into Canadian Territories

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Global Merchant Services is introducing the First Terminal Placement Program with NO Setup Fees or Cancellation Fees ever offered in the Canadian Territories. This is a rare opportunity to enter into a new market leading with an offering that Canadian merchants have never seen before.

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Merchants Get A FREE Verifone VX520 Terminal With EMV

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AFFILIATES ARE EARNING $3,000.00 – $5,000.00 A MONTH

Global Merchant Services is now seeking Affiliate/ Trade Associations looking to Earn Up To A $ 100.00 Referral Bonus Plus Monthly Residual Income on every approved merchant that processes Credit, Debit, Gift Card Processing, Electronic Check Acceptance, Wireless Processing, EMV, Apple Pay, Ecommerce, Virtual Terminal, EBT/ SNAP Card Transactions and Loyalty Cards. APPLY NOW – SIGN UP IS FREE!!!