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View Merchant Testimonials

“Working with Global Merchant Services is a great experience. I’m truly thankful to be able to work with Guy Gant, Robert Graham and the rest of the team.”

Working with Global Merchant Services has been an absolute pleasure. From fast turnaround times, easy approvals, seamless communication, and an extensive knowledge base of the field, they make our jobs as agents so much easier. They are flexible, and always willing to do what is necessary to get a deal completed if it makes sense for all parties. Recommend them 100%.. Ask for Guy Gant as well – He knows his stuff.

I joined Global Merchant service a while ago and met the best person Mr. Guy Gant as my boss. He made my journey so easy and he is so professional and kind with his all subordinates.
A perfect employee is the one who inspires her boss as much as her boss inspires her… Thanks for being my inspiration. Thanks, Mr. Gant… For being a role model for me.

Guy G. is an excellent sales executive. We are a new customer to Global and he has been helping us all along the way throughout the entire process. He is a valued asset to your company.

Love the experience I had with Global merchant Services. Process was fast and easy from beginning to end. Thank you so much Guy Gant.

I had such a wonderful experience with your sales agent Guy Gant. I am looking forward to starting my relationship with global merchant, Mr. Gant has been very instrumental in my decision in making a switch from QB to GM, he was very knowledgeable and was not a sales man who was trying to push a product on me instead he took over an hour of his time to answer all of my questions, send me video, he even took my application information over the phone and made the entire process seem so seamless, he was able to accommodate my special request, I am beyond impressed with the level of professionalism. Mr. Gant has granted me and our company… I am beyond delighted. I am looking forward to receiving our system and updating our testimonial based on how great the system is working for our business.

My first experience dealing with a POS machine… knowing first of all what it is and how it works…. no questions are too stupid for Guy Gant…. he is very genuine, knowledgeable. Guy always went above and beyond, truly an exceptional experience dealing with him. Global Merchant Services should be very proud to have Guy on their front line!

Truly a great experience dealing with Guy. He made everything happen quickly and easily. Very knowledgeable and offered not only great service but also great options and rates, to run my business. Very excited to be working with global merchant services

I love being a part of the Global Merchant Services organization. I am a highly driven person and I have been in sales for 20+ years and thoroughly enjoy it. I am just ready for all the challenges Mr. Gant and his team has to offer. He has trained my entire sales team and we appreciate him to the highest. Thanking you for all that you do.

Hi Guy,

I received the machine this morning just on time before restaurant open. It save a lot of hassle. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for help and even step further more than your regular duty. I am really appreciate what you have done.

Many thanks,

I was nervous at first signing up with global merchant services establishing my new small business enabling me to accept credit and debit. (Guy Gant) who was my relationship manager not sure if that’s his title but Wow! Amazing service! My calls to him rarely went to voicemail and he would always respond to me within 24 hours usually same business day to answer all my questions and walk me through the application process and forms. I would suggest Global Merchant Services to my friends.

“Guy was very knowledgeable, patient and kind. He displayed excellent customer service and he made me feel at ease in a transition that I was not so comfortable with. He ask the right questions and he reassured me that he could take care of my problem. Guy Gant is a great guy and I was honored to do business with him!”

“Of all the things we did creating our new business, signing up with Global Merchant Services was the easiest and smoothest transition we made. They was quick to respond and did everything so right, which is so important to us as an emerging business. Thank you to Global Merchant for being so reliable. We look forward to working with you and recommend you highly to all business owners and merchants!”

Truly a great experience dealing with Guy. He made everything happen quickly and easily. Very knowledgeable and offered not only great service but also great options and rates to run my business. Very excited to be working with global merchant services…

“Guy was incredibly helpful! He pointed me in the right direction and gave me specific instructions on what I needed to do to allow our company to process American Express credit cards. Thank you very much Guy!”

If you are looking for a great merchant solution, CHOOSE GLOBAL!! I have other businesses and just started a new one. I decided to go with Global Merchant Services this time in comparison to other big players out in the market after considering the pricing. But I decided to write this testimonial after experiencing a great customer service. I started my process with Bertram Simmons and he has been just outstanding starting from beginning. Very responsive, the process was smooth & fast and the over all experience with Global has been commendable. I highly recommend Global for your merchant gateway solutions! 

“If you want your business to grow, consider offering credit cards to your customers. They will buy more products more often if they can charge it. Global Merchant Services is perfect for home-based businesses that often will not qualify to offer credit cards and enhance retail business as well. Their customer service has been excellent and we found their rates to be the lowest available. I recommend GMS to everyone who asks me.”

“It was hard to leave my old merchant service company because I was in a comfort zone that I did not want to leave. I realized that I was being gouged by high fees so I finally decided to make the change. I cannot believe how easy GMS made it for me and how much money I am saving each month in monthly fees. I would recommend Global Merchant Services to anyone. Thank you again GMS!!!

“I contacted many merchant account companies before selecting Global Merchant Services. I must say, Global Merchant Services made what was becoming a very confusing issue, very clear and easy to understand. Your entire staff has been terrific. My questions and my needs were met quickly, courteously and correctly. Thank you Global Merchant for making my business life easier. If anyone is looking for a professional and helpful merchant services company, there is only one choice in my mind – Global Merchant Services

“Many people in sales can talk the talk, but very few can walk the walk, and Guy was one of the very few….”

“We initially did as much homework as we could and ultimately had several different service providers we could have gone with, but your personal attention is what sold us on Global Merchant Services. I have enjoyed working with you, also. You made the process flow very smoothly and made me feel like you really cared about us. I can certainly tell that customer service is a very high priority for you & your company. You did an excellent job in helping us out. Thanks again for all the help.

“You guys have delivered on every promise made (unlike many processing companies out there)! I am very impressed. I am thoroughly pleased with your customer service, and I hope to do business with you for a long time to come.”

“I wanted to write and thank you Guy for your exceptional service. This being our first account, I was rather unsure of where to head and what to do. You have not only done an excellent job guiding my husband and myself through this process, But have been very patient with me as I asked question after question. I would appreciate if you would forward this to your supervisors as I think they need to be informed of the wonderful service you provide customers. Also, I will be more than happy to refer anyone that I come across that needs merchant services to   you. Thank you once again.”


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