Our Values

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     * People ~ Our people are the source of our vitality. The talent, dedication and diversity of our people form our corporate intelligence and determine our reputation. As a company, we champion communication, autonomy, career growth and a work-life balance. As employees, we are devoted to cultivating success for the organization and each other.

* Partnership ~ Global is committed to building profitable, long-term partnerships with our employees, clients and vendors. We work together as integral parts of our team, each contributing to the achievement of a shared vision.

* Integrity ~ Honesty, truth, loyalty and dedication together comprise the cornerstone of our company’s foundation. Our actions reflect our values and our values are reflected in our actions. It is our ethical obligation to deliver our services efficiently and effectively while preserving integrity and quality.

* Passion ~ Global succeed in an environment filled with enthusiasm, encouragement, creativity and pride. This spirit infuses everything we do and all those we touch. We support the communities where we live and work through dedication of time and resources because we desire to make a difference.

* Excellence ~ Excellence embodies everything we do. We secure our leadership position in the marketplace by continuously evaluating our methods, improving our quality, embracing change and surrounding ourselves with those who challenge us to produce our best.

Our Values